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speed-o - As colourful as life itself

The new "speed-o" office swivel chair from Trendoffice is an exciting symbiosis of modern design, user-friendly ergonomics and environmental responsibility.
speed-o style white

Offenhausen, May 2015. Under the "Trendoffice" brand, the Dauphin HumanDesign Group offers seating for the millennials – Generation Y – who are now entering the jobs market in huge numbers and demanding a new way of working, one which allows self-fulfilment, time for the family and leisure instead of frustration. In short – a world of work where people can not only focus and get a lot of work done in a short space of time but can also enjoy pleasant, homely surroundings in the process.

"Speed-o" is the ideal chair for this demanding work and life ethos. This environmentally friendly model boasts a range of ergonomic features and is available in numerous different versions.

Over half of the materials used to manufacture "speed-o" are recycled and the remaining ones are all of the same type to make recycling easier. All fabrics used are 99% recyclable. "speed-o" contains no hazardous substances such as PVC, chrome VI, lead or mercury. The fact that expendable parts can simply be replaced helps to extend the product life cycle too. Packaging is reduced to a minimum. Weighing just 11.9 kg including armrests, it is as light as a feather and energy consumption for production, packaging, transport and assembly is very low.

"speed-o" is easy on the environment and your back too. The various ergonomic functions ensure a dynamic seated posture with maximum comfort. Seat-depth and seat-tilt adjustment, a height-adjustable backrest and flexible, multifunctional armrests all come as standard. User settings can be made easily and intuitively. This ensures a healthy sitting position during all activities, even at shift or shared workstations.

However, the chair's "sensible features" are not what catches the eye
first – it is its bold, modern design. With its bright colours, distinctive lines and no-nonsense look, "speed-o" promises uncomplicated individuality. The perforated, breathable backrest shell gives the chair a fresh, timeless appearance which is individualised thanks to coloured cushions. The wide range of cushion colours in combination with the black or white plastic parts are what gives the chair its personal touch. This makes "speed-o" a welcome breath of fresh air during repetitive office work and creates an individual working atmosphere – whether it be at workstations or in conference areas.

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