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dat-o – good prospects for long-term sitters

The design of the dat-o range of chairs from Trendoffice speak a clear language. The transparent mesh fabric of the backrest allows a view of a support column which is reminiscent of the supporting function of the spinal column – an allusion to the important tools which the chair provides for long-term sitters.
dat-o 1
Trendoffice designed the dat-o range of chairs for those people who go through life purposefully. The issue of design is addressed directly and without inhibitions with regard to what is important when sitting in offices – remaining productive throughout the day and being able to go home again fit and alert in the evening, in spite of sitting for long periods of time.

The back is the focus of attention. The support column of the backrest is clearly recognisable through the mesh fabric and is reminiscent of the spinal column. The breathable and moisture-regulating mesh fabric provides support for the back with its pleasant, constant tension. The lumbar support plays a crucial role in the sensitive lumbar vertebra area. Its height and depth can be adjusted to suit individual body dimensions. Given that it is flexibly mounted, it also follows slight changes in posture and therefore ideally complements the synchron mechanism. The entire design maintains the spinal column in its natural, upright form.

The finishing touch is provided by the height-adjustable and tiltable mesh headrest on the swivel chair. In conjunction with the multi-functional armrests, it beneficially takes the weight off the shoulder and neck area. Back pain or tension? Not a chance because dat-o keeps its promises. For particularly large or small people, an optional seat-depth adjustment facility using a sliding seat and a seat-tilt adjustment facility are available. The changeable seat upholstery is available in numerous fresh colours.

Matching cantilever chairs and four-legged chairs ensure that there is a harmonious overall appearance in the office and support for the user's back and comfort when sitting in waiting and conference areas.

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