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sim-o - The dynamic mesh chair

Thanks to innovative mesh backrests, the office chairs in Trendoffice’s “sim-o” range provide optimum comfort when sitting and encourage users to adopt an ergonomically correct, dynamic posture. These are just two of the reasons why the chairs have already received the “Quality Office” award.

sim-o mesh
In terms of their appearance and comfort, these versatile office chairs from Trendoffice (a brand of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group) cater for the needs of young and active people who work in modern office environments. They are therefore uncomplicated, stylish and always ready for action.

The “sim-o” range of chairs comprises a cantilever model as well as the “sim-o mesh” and “sim-o automatic” swivel chairs. Their most striking feature is their backrest which is made of a highly-flexible, high-tech mesh fabric. Not only is the fabric breathable and moisture-regulating, it also maintains exactly the right level of tension at all times and therefore always provides the correct ergonomic support for the user’s back. This new mesh material creates a pleasant climate when sitting and working. It also takes the strain off the body in the best possible way.

In addition, it provides support for the back exactly where this is needed most, namely in the region of the lumbar spine. The lumbar support can be adjusted to suit the user's individual needs using a slider which is attached to the chrome bar at the rear of the chair – another of the “sim-o” range’s striking design features. The lumbar support is height adjustable (7 centimetres) as well as depth adjustable (1.5 centimetres).

The “Ballpoint-Synchron® plus” feature also allows the seat depth to be adjusted by up to five centimetres. This facility ensures optimum comfort for users with long legs. A seat tilt of between -1° and -5° can also be freely selected to suit the user’s posture when working.

A number of different types of armrests are also available. The top-of-the-range armrests – so-called multifunctional armrests – are height, width, depth and radially adjustable without the use of tools. The armrests with soft-touch armpads and those covered in high-quality leather are delightful to the touch.

This perennial favourite has now been further improved. It now features a new, attractive backrest design as well as two flexible backrest heights and three striking colours for users to choose from.

“sim-o automatic”
The very latest addition to this value-for-money range of office chairs features the patented “Daumatic® mechanism”. The mechanism assesses the weight of the user and then adjusts the backrest counterpressure accordingly. The chair therefore ensures an automatically correct seated posture – an important feature when different people use the same chair. The “sim-o automatic” model is also available with a convenient seat-depth adjustment facility if required.

The diversity of technology is reflected in the diversity of the design. With a transparent mesh backrest, the powerful colours on the fully upholstered models or the finest quality leather upholstery, every model in the “sim-o” range gives rooms used for professional purposes a highly distinctive appearance.

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